BC Election May 14, 2013 – What Are WE Going To DO?


I did not even know we are about to have an election until about 10 days ago. Not watching TV, reading papers or listening to the radio leaves one in a bit of a void. Relying on social media, the internet is how many of us get our ‘news’ these days and it is for me too. On May 14, 2013 the Province of British Columbia will go to the polls to elect a new ‘government’. This really means nothing because how can you elect something that does not even exist now!

Here in British Columbia we are having a provincial election which is a huge waste of time and money considering ALL corporations have been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) through the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), the governing body for corporations. This means our current provincial government does not legally exist. Despite their masquerade and actions to the contrary, they too have been shut down, dissolved – foreclosed. NOW is the time for the BC OPPT volunteer warriors to step and get the word out… but how?

During a recent trip out I noticed several obnoxious election signs and I thought to myself, ‘not again‘! I absolutely cannot stand the onslaught of political garbage lining our streets, then I was immediately thankful to not be a TV watcher anymore. The constant commercials and mudslinging that goes on can turn ones stomach. These people are supposed to have integrity and yet they make a point of attacking their fellow candidates! If the government actually meant something to the people and represented us then maybe it would be worth it. ‘If’ our vote actually accounted for our wishes and if the candidates actually kept their word! If this ‘change’ they all talk about is NOT meant for the betterment of the people, they are ONLY interested in aiding the corporations!

Then my mind began wondering… What are some ways that we can get the message of their foreclosure out to these ‘politicians’ who are running for election? How can we get them to acknowledge that they have been foreclosed. How can we tell them that WE, the People want and need an organic government? What are some of the ways we can get the message out to the people of British Columbia? Will they listen, and if so, then what? Will this change the course of the election? How can the OPPT movement benefit all of us at this most important time?

My first thought was to make stencils that say ‘FORECLOSED by the OPPT’ and spray paint it over the massive signs at the side of the road. I’m pretty handy with bristol board and have made many professional style handmade signs and decorative stencils over the years, spray paint is not that expensive it would not be hard to go ahead and start doing it. Then I wondered though, are these considered ‘private property’ and could I be (fake) ‘charged’ with destruction of property?’ I do not know the answer to that but I considered this action and have not yet vetoed it from my arsenal. Now I am thinking, what if we made our own signs (with the OPPT-In site) and tacked or stapled them to the current signs or placed near them so the People of the province could see them too! What if we made signs just as big and put them in our front yard just as supports of the parties do?

What if OPPTers banded together, made signs and attended the rallies and handed out leaflets to the attendees. What if we outright challenged the (illusion of) ‘power and authority’ of these people running for office, at their own rallies? What about through direct questioning, perhaps even ‘interrupting’ their speeches? I am certain it would get the attention of the voters who are attending the rallies to start asking questions… isn’t that is what we want, free-thinkers, not brainwashed ‘voters’! What if we created our own flyers and went through our neighbourhoods and put them in peoples mailboxes and handed them out at various community events.

Thus far the media, as far as I know, has completely ignored the fact that the OPPT has shut down ‘the corporation’. It is no surprise being they are run by ‘the corporation’. How can we get their attention during this critical time? Hold our own rallies and call the media? What about smaller community or ethnic radio stations, community newspapers and community flyers.  Do we have anyone who can afford to take out an ad in one of our Provincial papers or could we start a fund to raise money amongst us to take out multiple ads across the board? What can we do individually but together, first?

Should WE, volunteer warrior hearted OPPTers start a committee of ‘fast action’ to start brainstorming ways that we can get this important message out before the election. What is it that we want to say to these candidates? How do we get it across to them at this most crucial of times? WE, in BC have the opportunity to bring massive awareness of this foreclosure at this time.

We want a government of the people, for the people and by the people! It is time to let them know that we are awake, we know what has been going on all this time and that ‘the jig is up’. Let’s let them know that we are no longer their ‘herd’, they are no longer our ‘shepard’. We forgive them and now is time to make this ‘change‘ and let’s make it so it benefits everyone!

We need to DEMAND a contract government, where ‘their platforms are their contract’ and if they do not fulfill their campaign promises then their ‘party’ is fined or other sorts of disciplinary measures. These politicians have been destroying our communities, cities, province and our lives for long enough! How many of us have the ‘warrior heart’ to step up and take action? Who can do what? Who wants to do what? Are we passionate enough to BE ‘the change’ and take action and start DOing?


We want to remember to remain respectful, loving and compassionate at all times, keeping in mind these are also human beings and we are all One. All these political candidates are people too and therefore all part of the Sacred Heart. Let’s show them that we have ‘personal power’ and it comes from the integrity of our heart, not through making the ‘other’ person look bad.

Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments or email us. Let’s BE ‘people in action for our future

“BE what you DO!” With all love, respect and compassion, thank you!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

Written by Michelle Raadschelders

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Provincial Government MLA List: Flash Mobbing Cease & Desist Orders and Courtesy Notice Contacts

The One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on all corporations the world over, this we know. This includes our Provincial Government although they are still ‘acting’ as though they are the government. These fellow humans are the ‘powers that were’ still masquerading as the ‘powers that be’, let’s let them in on the not so secret, secret….  we know they are finished.

WE outnumber them. Despite that we have never had an organic government in Canada does not mean we cannot have one, starting now. This is Our Province, Our Country, Our World and together we can make them sit up and take notice and let them know we are not going to take this anymore!

This is a list of links for the former Provincial Government MLA’s to send Cease & Desist Orders an Courtesy Notices to. Please support the OPPT, Yourself and Others by sending information about their forelclosure to these government bodies. We know, they know they are shut down. WE, the People hold the power in this country, it does not belong to them – they would like to believe they do and then give US the illusion that we have some sort say in what they do with our vote. We never had any say and our vote really means nothing to this government but now we have the power of the Eternal Heart on our side so let’s make OUR voice heard. Let’s let them know the jig is up, we are on to them and let’s put them on notice.

Have a wonderful time and be compassionate while communicating with these former members of government who share our Sacred Heart, please remember to treat them like the love BEings they are. We are all human, We are all One!

To find the FORECLOSED Member of the Legislative Assembly for your area, follow the links below to find the names, addresses, email and phone/fax numbers. It really doesn’t matter if we send them to the (former) MLAs in our area, Flash Mobbing them will work much better. In any case, here is the contact information. Next will be Ministers… watch for the links!

To find your (former) MLA by Community:


To find your (former) MLA by Constituency:


Executive Counsel:



Supporting the One People’s Public Trust is helping everyone!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

I just has a serious deja vu while reviewing this for posting, this speaks volumes to me about what we are doing here! Blessings to you ALL! Namaste -michelle.

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OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 3

Part 3 – OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits

One of the biggest impacts we will feel is in the oil industry. Oil permeates our lives, it is in everything and there is very little you can purchase these days that isn’t made from, wrapped in, packaged in, contained in or bottled in plastic. Plastic is SO prevalent in today’s society that babies are born with plastic in their system now, that’s right, we are giving birth to babies that have plastic in them. Oil is the biggest polluter on earth, it is also the cause of all the illegal greedy wars being fought in the ‘name’ of freedom. That freedom is ONLY for the barons and bankers who have a vested interest in the oil. With all corporations being physically foreclosed we will have access to FREE clean energy sources which have been suppressed or destroyed. There will be no more destructive mining projects and pipelines which are the cause of all the devastating oil spills, which are completely covered up, literally! The oil companies will be held accountable and made to clean up the messes they have made, and actually clean them up this time not ‘treated’ with more chemicals that only harm us all further. The new vehicles will run on electricity generated by free clean sources and new technologies will allow us to travel in creative new ways that use Universal forces as they are meant to be used. We will find a way to dispose of or reuse all the unnecessary plastics on the Earth and since plastic takes thousands of years to biodegrade we will have to find unique ways to recycle it over and over.

The military will be dissolved, it won’t be needed. There will no longer be false flag events so war can be waged in the name of ‘freedom’. There is no reason men and women should be putting their lives on the line invading countries, killing their citizens to protect the interests of the bankers and barons. Nobody wins when war is waged, when people die we all lose. All the innocent people who are now left without limbs, burned shin and toxic bodies who have lost entire families will no longer have to worry about future terrorism. All these planned, fake wars that have been fought and that are going on are illegal and millions of people have died needlessly. The men and women in the military will ‘lay down’ their weapons, help the people they were warring against before they return home and if necessary they will be the ones who physically shut down the corporations and arrest the ‘leaders’. Veterans who have fought ‘for their country’ won’t be treated as trash and thrown out once they are no longer useful. They will have proper access to medical attention and deprogramming. Alcoholism and drug addictions will no longer plague vets as they try to cover up the atrocities they have committed and witnessed.

We will see real leaders will emerge who have pure hearts and visions for a brand new peaceful, loving and compassionate world. We, the People, will form new governments that are accountable to the people that actually represent WE, the People. Politics as we know it is over, it is time for the new to emerge. 2012 was all about the ‘end’ of the old and 2013 is about the beginning of the new. We are seeing this happen with the OPPT foreclosing on corporations and the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) bringing justice to the millions of people and the families who have been terrorized, raped, molested and murdered by the ‘powers that were’ and their minions. Through Common Law Courts the ITCCS is charging, trying and issuing arrest warrants for the ‘leaders’ who have committed crimes against humanity. Between both the OPPT and ITCCS great things are already changing – shifting to the new paradigm is happening, the new energy is here and it cannot be stopped. The darkness created and imbalance and the light is correcting it, this is Universal power and we as humans are following the lead.

Even though corporations have been foreclosed the Bankers, corporate leaders and religious leaders aka the Cabal are still masquerading as though they have ‘power’ or the illusion of power. They are scared now they know there is a mass spiritual awakening going on around the globe so they are doing everything they can to stop it. This is why they are throwing everything in their arsenal at us in the form of chemtrails which are to control the weather and make people sick to genetically modified food which kills pollinating insects, natural crops and people. They are erecting fake ‘cell’ towers which are actually to control us by disrupting our brain waves, as well as building concentration camps to imprison regular citizens and all the crazy ‘laws’ and ‘acts’ they are signing, as if that means something. These prison camps will likely be used to house the ones being tried by the ITCCS and rightly so, if it is good enough for ‘us’ then it is good enough for them.

Science will be used for good instead of creating biological weapons, weapons of mass destruction and putting out biased studies that create fear in people. The scientific communities will come together and release the natural cures for all illnesses and dis-eases instead of competing against each other as they stroke their own egos for fame and fortune. They will stop inflicting dis-eases and illnesses on the world in order to ‘control’ the population. We are lead to believe the world is over populated and it is the reason people are starving in the world and dying of disease. It is greed and the socioeconomic paradigms that have been created that are the real reason people are hurting in this world, not over-population. We need not control the population, all souls are here at this time for a reason, it is up to our Creator to decide if this world has too many people not other humans. Our Universe and Earth are abundant and provide for us everything we need at all times, the fear instilled in us is what creates the feelings of lack and limitation. We will all come to see this and the more people realize we are all One then we will stop being so greedy and materialistic will start us on a path to share what abundance we have. As we awaken to the Divine Plan the poor, destitute, sick and homeless will be taken care of, we all will provide them with their Divine Birthright, that being adequate shelter, abundant food supplies, free medical treatment and the right to live a free life, no longer bound by the image and idea of what society has dictated as to who they are and how they should be treated. We are all human, we are one race, we are all One.

Money is the cause of all of this, we are the only species on the earth who pays to live here and that is completely unnatural. Money first will all turn to electronic credits then as people work together and become One with each other and One with the Divine Feminine it will cease to exist all together. This is the end of the corruption that is running rampant today, it will take some time for us to get there but we will, we must not lose faith in ourselves or each other. Society will not fall apart, we will come together with all love and compassion, we will see how we are all connected and begin working together for the whole. This is why the OPPT movement is so important to everyone on this Earth and to Mother Nature too. Without the corporations running the world we will be able to experience true freedom, not an idea of freedom that is handed to us by the elite. They do not want us to be free, they only want to enslave us further and the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ was a glimpse of what ‘their’ future for humanity looks like.

Today we live with man made laws and lands with borders. This will all change and there will be no borders and we will have true freedom to travel throughout our world and the ridiculous laws that are made will all be abolished. Everyone will live in abundance not just the ‘top’ one percent of the people. Everyone will have more time to devote to their families, friends and communities and when we are not burdened with where our next paycheck is going to come from or stressing ‘if’ we are going to have enough to feed our families, our worlds will open up. We will no longer be kept external with material goods and the pursuit of money. It won’t be whether we ‘dare to dream’ it will be ‘what will we dream up next’. We will have more time to explore who we are at our core, our essence. We will remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we will realize that we have been born into bondage and slavery, as we do we will join together to free our fellow humans until each and everyone is taken care of and provided for. Spiritual freedom is everything that means anything to the world!


People will no longer feel so alone and be just out for themselves, everyone will remember that we are all One, One consciousness, One organism and we will all work together for the good of the whole – no more ‘every man for himself’.  We have limitless potential and freedom to create and live a life that is all about sharing and reconnecting with one another. Then when people are not obsessed with going to work to earn money they will have time to think up new and inventive ways of taking the work off of others. The new technologies that will do all the work for us will create a new world which will allow us to have even more time to pursue what makes us happiest, whatever that may be.

There are very few people who believe world peace is possible, even the foremost spiritual leaders. They all believe that we all have to agree on every topic of freedom in order to achieve it. What is possible? How about a world where everyone just agrees to let everyone live their lives without borders, boundaries and bondage. A world where we are free to explore who we really are and to enjoy life to it’s fullest. A world where everyone works together for the good of the whole and does no harm. We do not have to agree on every single little thing, if that was the case then they would be right and world peace would not be possible. This is a brand new way of living and it is possible but it will take time and effort, it won’t happen over night and it won’t ‘just’ happen, we will all need to input our positive feelings into this new way of living and do it with Absolute Love and Absolute Compassion and Absolute Gratitude.

WE, the People declare our FREEDOM!

Namaste! Thank you very much for supporting the OPPT!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

Written by Michelle Raadschelders

*image Copyright Caranette-Devianart

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OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the blog – OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits

At this moment we live in a world where the healthy get sick and sick get sicker, there is no real health care. We are fed poison in our food and water, through chem-trails and pollution from multinational corporations. We are made sick from ‘beauty’ products like lotions and creams from emissions from cell phones, TV’s and mircowaves as well as all the synthetic materials we consume today. We will no longer have biological warfare waged on us by corrupt pharmaceutical companies and governments who care not about people but profits. Vaccines for obsolete diseases, flus and pneumonias that put mercury and thermisol in our body, weapons like AIDS and drugs that have numerous side effects including death will cease to exist with the fall of the pharmaceuticals corporations.

WE, the People will start new medical systems where there is no profiting off the most vulnerable in society. Everyone will have free access to the treatment and care they require with all love and all compassion. Nobody will go without and they will be treated with dignity and respect from true caregivers who are not over-worked and burnt-out from outrageous hours and horrible working conditions. Access to other healers of the world, the Eastern healers, the Native and Indigenous Medicine men and women who all rely on nature for the healing methods they have used throughout the centuries. Integrated health care that focuses on Divining our Spirit will kick start our natural immune system. We will automatically become stronger but if illness or injury do happen the whole BEing will be treated, body-mind-spirit-emotion, not just the symptom. When we BEcome our essence – love – and live from our hearts rather than our minds, we will eliminate all dis-ease, illness and even injury.

When people realize that the Divine Feminine (Earth) is a reflection of us and we are a reflection of Her we will come together in masses to begin to devise new safe, balanced eco-friendly methods clean up Her up and restore Her to Her most natural state, no matter what or how long it takes. When we are free to remember who we truly are – nature – we will treat our Sacred Mother Earth with the love and respect She deserves. Only taking what we need and leaving the rest to regrow and flourish will ensure harmony is maintained. The soil will be returned to health as we will no longer use pesticides and other chemicals, instead we will use natures bounty to compost and fertilize. Our bodies will purify themselves and ward off dis-ease and illness because we will treat it as a whole and ensure it will be fed only what is it supposed to be fed.  People will be able to begin growing their vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes and no longer consume pesticide, fertilizer and antibiotic laden produce, fake organics and genetically modified fresh foods. Pollution will cease to exist in all forms.

The meat industry which currently commits mass genocide everyday and forces our planets animals to live in deplorable conditions will be reduced to almost nothing. We will be free of meat laden with growth hormones that make our children develop too early, antibiotics that create resistance to man made super-bugs and inhumane treatment of mass farmed animals. With proper education about what the human body really needs to survive we will wake up further to the knowledge that we have been lied to by the meat and dairy industry, as well as the government bodies and regulators who have happily allowed themselves to be corrupted by money. With humans no longer consuming ‘food’ from fast-food corporations we will begin to save our rainforests and they will not be mowed down in records amounts to make room for cattle ranchers. Farmers will share with their communities and the communities will share with the farmers and the planet will flourish in an abundance of fresh food, there will be enough for everyONE at all times, hunger will become a thing of the past.

Our environmentally sensitive water supply from the rainforests, mountains, grasslands and aquifers will no longer be raped for it’s gold and other precious metals. Our mountains will no longer be torn down and turned into giant pits by ruthless mining corporations who’s only motivation is consumption fueled by greed. The toxic waste used to extract the metals from the ground and the mercury used to extract the gold from the ore will not be secretly dumped on the land or into our rivers, streams and lakes. The Spirit of nature will again burst, the flora and fauna will grow back providing the natural habitats for animals and birds, faeries and divas, insects and other creatures and in turn we too will be healed through healing our planet. Upon reconnecting with our Mother we will BEcome faithful, loving and respectful Children once again, we will BE returning to our essence and nature.

Part 3 – coming soon…

With loving gratitude for the knowledge that we are all ONE!
One People’s Public Trust – Vancouver, BC Canada

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OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 1

The OPPT foreclosing all corporations worldwide reaches much farther than just what we see on the surface financially. Foreclosing all corporations is allowing humanity to start again from zero. It’s like a giant reset button has been pushed that erased all debt for all humans the world over and it has created a new paradigm where debt cannot be created again. The more people learn about the OPPT to take back their power and start with a financially clean slate means more than just ‘no more debt’ and financial freedom.

Those who are starting the process now are going to make it easier for those who learn of the OPPT later to stand in their freedom. As word spreads and ‘WE the People’ put pressure on the now foreclosed corporations they will be forced to physically close their doors and have their assets seized. This means humanity is going to benefit in so many ways as the playing field levels and we begin shifting to a place where everyone is truly equal regardless of race or gender. When we are free of financial burdens we are happier and free to explore the things that increase that happiness. Our time is freed up to spend with loved ones, to gain new knowledge and experiences without boundaries.

We have been lead to believe by the ‘powers that were’ that we live on a planet with limited resources. We have lived in fear that we will lack what we need. We’ve lived in negativity and been bound with man made borders and laws. Our Sacred Mother Earth has been poisoned, polluted and pillaged as the natural resources have been mined out of the land and waters without any care given to the process or environmental factors. Indigenous and Native people have been robbed of their culture, displaced for mere pennies and had their land stolen outright while all treaties have been broken.

Most people do not even know that we were slaves, that we were oppressed or that the truth of our Divinity has been kept from us. The ‘institutions’ of today are all oppressive by design. Schools, governments, policing agencies, medical systems, etc. are all created with the mindset to keep people in their place. Up until now it has worked for the corporations but they did not count on the wave of consciousness sweeping the planet, they cannot stop nature from taking its course. This movement has resonated in the Eternal Heart and only good and great change can come from people recognizing and remembering their internal spark.

The ‘starters’ of this movement will be happy for the ‘finishers’ without gloating or guilt tripping them saying, ‘This is what WE did for you‘. Our parents and elders did this to us because they always had to sacrifice in the name of ‘money’. Children had to go to school and study what their parents wanted them to because the parents worked hard for the money that paid for said school. Children had to walk a path chosen for them not by them and that became a cycle of oppression right from the get go within our families. We will now be free to let our children BE children rather than having them become drugged-up, numbed-down, dumbed-down regurgitators who are taught only to conform.

WE, the People will create new governments that are responsible and accountable to the people and our police agencies will no longer be forces but officers of the peace, peace keepers. The very laws, courts and penal systems in place to ‘protect’ us from each other are designed to fail and creates a terrible place fear of oppression. All people BEing equal we will watch man made laws fail as we return to Common Law and Universal Law. We will take back our own personal power and return to self governing sovereign BEings of Earth. We will see society change to a more peaceful society where we respect one another and Do No Harm.

Part 2 – coming soon

Thank you blessed loved Ones of the Eternal Heart
One People’s Public Trust – Vancouver, BC Canada

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Links To OPPT Information on YouTube

world vibration image

The following is a list of YouTube videos, channels & playlists that provide information about the One People’s Public Trust. Please feel free to assist building this links page by submitting to comments or to the email listed below. At this moment OPPT links only will be provided on this list in an effort to get as much information about this movement out. More video’s will be added to this list as they are sourced so please check back often to see what has been added new, this is a start for now.

Links to other inspirational videos will be posted separately however some of the links these videos are sourced from have other topics that are truly beautiful and inspiring. It is so wonderful and amazing how all these beautiful souls are sharing this information on their YouTube channels. We are truly blessed to all be coming together and not just for financial freedoms but to just BE together and to share our love with one another!








(please note: these are playlists so you may find videos that are the same as the ones posted above)



(please note: these are channels so you may find videos that are the same as the ones posted above)




Thank you so much for your love and support!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

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Links To OPPT Information

The following are links to OPPT information. These links are not listed in any particular order however they are all titled for sourcing ease. If you find a link does not work simply copy and paste it into your browser. Please, if anyone notices something amiss, please contact me. This site is for all of us and it is up to all of us to keep each other informed. Thank you very much! Peace and Blessings…












FACEBOOK PAGES – The following resources are available on Facebook:









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Links To Resources

We are creating here a list of resources and links to other quality sources of information. OPPT information links will be listed here among other things like general human rights information, justices happening around the world, inspirational, and spiritual links. If anyone has alternate sources that are not listed here and you feel they should be, please leave a comment or send an email to onepeoplepublictrust@yahoo.ca. We are happy to share information.

Please check back often to see all the great new information we are compiling here.

WE the people ARE the POWER and we are now showing the world how when WE organize we can move mountains.

One People Public Trust Official Website

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Let’s Start Planning Our CVAC


Well I have heard the call to have a meeting or some kind of get together. Maybe over Skype, or at a physical location.  WHo is up to it?  I am in Maple Ridge, I will meet anywhere in the lower mainland.  Ideas?  Add your suggestions in the comments.  I would also like to ask for help with looking after the website.  Anyone interested?  I would hope to find someone who enjoys writing/blogging and is good at techie stuff.  But if you don’t like to write and you are awesome with web page stuff and want to help please get in touch.

Every day I see great videos, wonderful pictures and inspiring words.  It is really great to be alive in this time of fantastic change.

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Say Good Bye



The people should not fear their Gov’ts, the Gov’ts should fear their people. 

OPPT has foreclosed on ALL the top levels of banks, and Largest Corporations, otherwise known as Gov’ts all around the world.

It is DONE guys.  Let’s get together and begin building our new world.  We have a big, wonderful job ahead of us.  WHo’s ready? 

Never mind what was.  We will take care of these losers later.

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