Understanding Our Basic Human Rights (Links)

When the videos by Dean Clifford were first posted I felt an overwhelming pull to follow the white rabbit and I fell down a VERY DEEP rabbit hole! It has compelled me to seek my freedom from the system (corporation) and I plan on doing this is a variety of ways.

The first step I am taking is to educate myself further and learn more. I had begun drafting documents straight away but realized that was futile since I did not know what I was doing fully and the courts are tricky with paperwork. Well, that was a couple weeks ago and I have come very far in this short time.

I have soaked up the information I could find about ‘freemen and women’ and ‘lawful rebellion’ and sovereignty and the less flattering information too. I do not believe the dis-information that is out there, it is purely biased and coming from within a system that can’t see past itself to find an objective view point. Sure these movements bring back our inherent rights and freedoms but it also comes with a lot of responsibility and personal liability and is not a step one should take lightly or without much study and self-education.

I have found my personal power inside and it is leading me on the path of least resistance at all times. I hold such a positive vibration in my heart that I believe this whole process with go better than most while dealing with the system. I am willing to put in what it takes to secure my  freedoms and human rights, I have been lead in this direction – first through the OPPT and now through this route. I have been shown many paths to freedom and now it is up to me to choose which way I want to go.

I am just a regular person who has begun a process and wish share it with all of you, this is my way out of an oppressive system that robbed me of my dignity as a young child which I have been fighting my whole life to get back. I grew up the poorest of the poor and I worked my way into some pretty great career moves until poor health took away my ability to work and I ended up on the system as an adult. Now that I have proclaimed my freedom publicly it is time to seize it and stop the hurt and pain I have suffered physically, mentally and emotionally and to live freely to ‘BE what I DO!’ I am a healer by nature and I AM moving forward with it.

I truly feel that the information in this post is important to everyONE and the OPPTers should find this info particularly useful since many basic human rights are being violated through threats and actions to cut off water, hydro and gas etc. and to steal people’s homes from them among other things. The links provided here are grouped together to serve you best.

The Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the first document I read a couple weeks ago. I printed it out and plan to read it again tonight with fresh eyes and higher standing of what it all means.

Constitution Acts, 1867-1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Lois Justice

The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a very important document to read (I also printed out) because it outlines what so many countries, including Canada, acknowledge as everyONE’s basic human rights. It is a basis of human rights development in Canada and so I included another link to a document that was published sometime last year (2012) that talks about ‘The Evolution of Human Rights in Canada’. This link is also important as it is further information about how Canadian rights and freedoms came about. I started reading this paper put out by the Canadian Human Rights Commission but have not yet finished it, it’s on my list for tonight too however it is much longer so it may take me more than just tonight.

I feel it is really important to understand that we all have inherent rights but they have been disguised as privileges and benefits. I personally am not into this to make lots of money, just an equal standard of living to the ‘average Canadian’ as well as the freedom to develop my own healing practice in a healing place and space. I am happy to make my own money when I can because as it stands right at this moment I live WELL BELOW the poverty line while living on BC Govt Disability this means my children do too. It is not a result of something I really had control over and nothing has ever been done to improve the living conditions for anyone living on Ministry ‘benefits’, anyone and everyone I have ever known who lived or lives on Assistance (welfare), PPMB (Person’s With Persistent Multiple Barriers) or Disability makes barely enough to scrape by and the rates are not all that different between the three!

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Evolution of Human Rights in Canada – Canadian Human Rights Commission 2012

Here are links about the Human Rights Resources in BC, I am sure there are more that are more identifiable with one group or another, I wanted to keep it general for everyone to have a starting place. I have looked at these sites and made notes, there is some really interesting stuff here too.

Ministry of The Attorney General, BC – Human Rights Protection

BC Human Rights Tribunal – Home

BC Human Rights Coalition – Home

The BC Human Rights Code

Break Down Provincially of ‘Social Status Inclusion’ in Human Rights

KNOW that you are a ‘human BEing of the land’ before you are a Canadian (corporation) Citizen and KNOW ‘who’ you are at your core and once you do your whole life will change as you step into the role of You. Namaste!

It is your Divine Birthright to have love, happiness and respect in life!
The One People’s Public Trust, Vancouver, BC Canada

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