Finding Freedom One Way or Another

About a week ago I posted to this site a couple of videos by Dean Clifford which contain very important information for humans of this land known as Canada. I was clearly interested in the subject matter but what happened was phenomenal because I learned a whole new alternate way to claim my basic human rights and to live on the land that is inherently mine, yours, ours!

Through the OPPT all corporations have been foreclosed and even the OPPT foreclosed on itself as a show of good faith. I really admire all the people who are going through this process and standing up for their rights – their basic human rights and the rights of others. Showing the corporations that ‘the jig is up’ and that ‘we are all onto their sick little games’ takes courage and strength of character and you have many who stand with you, I AM One.

It seems to me that the corporations and the government corporations are going to play this game of dodge-ball as long as they can and if they want to do that then we can also take them on ‘their way’. This is where the movement towards true freedom, common law and personal responsibility comes in, to compliment the corporate foreclosure because it is all pressure on the government to stop the masquerade. The ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) has investigated, charged, tried (in an International Common Law Court) and issued arrest warrants for PM Harper, QE2, the Pope as well as many church officials and RCMP Officers. The Common Law Court, as I understand it, is the highest court in the land – so why is this also being blatantly ignored.

This is a very exciting time to be alive, to be witnessing these changes, on so many levels – it’s like ‘The Perfect Storm’! I can see it brewing, the government and corporations have painted themselves into a corner and there is nothing they can do but come out swingin’ and do what they have been doing – which is to use threats and violence. Through various forms of peaceful actions and lawful push-back, We, The People can and will have what is our birthright – FREEDOM!

When I watched and then posted the information that Dean Clifford had available it sparked something within me that has been doggin me for a long time. I always knew the ‘system’ was seriously broken and flawed in some areas, a lot of areas and had recently claimed openly on Facebook that I renounced the laws which are man-made. I declared that I would do what I want, when I want – period. I am not a trouble maker, I have never been arrested or charged with anything – I am squeaky clean and I never intend to do anything UNLAWFUL. I would never intentionally harm another person or attempt to deny him his property or damage it and I accept full responsibility and liability for my own actions.

I have been soaking in everything I can about claiming my inherent right, my Birthright. I have been asking the Universe for a little while now, ‘what is going on and how can I do something about it’ and this information was the answer I got, in all speed, in abundance. Every word has resonated deep inside my heart and I feel this is my own personal way to freedom. I do not have anything really to use the OPPT to my advantage and to help the movement but this information about inherent rights, basic human rights, person and human, government identification and what it represents is something I can use. So I have decided to go through the process and document it here.

I will share all communications, all letters, phone calls – everything about my process and how I am managing with it all so that you too may have the confidence or knowledge to go forwards and claim who you are – a human being with a spirit capable of limitless love – through the government agencies & societies. It is simply another way and Our Creator does not ever just give us one avenue of resolve, we are limitless in our possibilities and because We Are – we are taking back what is ours (to begin with).

I have watched several videos and read endless amounts of government documents, blogs, letters, websites, etc. and I have found some very common threads throughout the various groups of Freemen and Women, Lawful Rebellion and the OPPT movements. I have taken extensive notes and have begun writing an article about the commonality of them, their differences and the conscious awareness that one needs to have in order to be a part of these movements and not just see them as a means to make money. One thing I will say now is… the people involved ALL have a spirituality and conscious awareness about them that is necessary to deal with bureaucracy and politics with a smile on their face and a kind word on their lips – it is because they have love in their hearts and they see ALL men and women as equals.

Until I publish the article(s), here are some videos you may find interesting, the first one has Darren Deojee from the OPPT with the Lawful Rebellion group, the next two are Part 1 and 2 of the Lawful Rebellion Guide. I would recommend having notation materials handy as well – watch them more than once, you would be surprised at how much you retain but some does slip through and like anything you want to be completely informed before you begin a process. Please ensure that if you decide to take up this process then you must educate yourself. Personally if I could do more working with the OPPT I would because that just levels the playing field, plain and simple but this is a route I will take for now.

Trust In One Another – A Key Part in Lawful Rebellion
The Lawful Rebellion Guide – Part 1

The Lawful Rebellion Guide – Part 2

Blessings to you all on your journey – your journey is your destination
One People’s Public Trust
– Vancouver, BC Canada

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  2. Yes Yes! The more we align and come together the brighter the light, love and harmony ❤

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