This video by Dean Clifford IS THE MOST IMPORTANT video you will ever see! Want to know how the government gets away with what it does and leaves you complaining and you don’t understand why YOU are the target. First of all it starts with the ID you present and depending what type of ID you present makes you one of two things, one of them being a government employee.

Know what your Rights really are! What the OPPT does is dissolve and foreclose all corporations however this video shows you a whole other side of the coin when it comes to our RIGHTS. If the government is going to continue to pretend that it is real, until people find THIS stuff out along with the OPPT Foreclosure, then we can play their game and WIN every time as long as we ‘obey’ the natural rule of DO NO HARM.

I have been watching videos by Dean Clifford for hours and I was wondering what I could do personally to get myself off of Disability. NOW I understand my ‘benefits’ and it is because of the information he provides in this video! I had planned on making a playlist and posting it and I will but I could not wait even one more second to share this information. If there are people who have ‘charges’ against them, this video can teach you how to fix it all and quite simply. Once you understand how the ID you present actually and really ‘identifies’ you and you understand the other one and what it provides to you then will be dealing with government on a level you didn’t even know was there.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND UNDERSTAND WHAT’S IN THE ‘NAME’ and then TAKE WHAT BELONGS TO YOU!! Make an understanding with the government on a whole other level!


Dean Clifford’s website is:

Blessings to you ALL, may you ALL claim your rights!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

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