BC Election May 14, 2013 – What Are WE Going To DO?


I did not even know we are about to have an election until about 10 days ago. Not watching TV, reading papers or listening to the radio leaves one in a bit of a void. Relying on social media, the internet is how many of us get our ‘news’ these days and it is for me too. On May 14, 2013 the Province of British Columbia will go to the polls to elect a new ‘government’. This really means nothing because how can you elect something that does not even exist now!

Here in British Columbia we are having a provincial election which is a huge waste of time and money considering ALL corporations have been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) through the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), the governing body for corporations. This means our current provincial government does not legally exist. Despite their masquerade and actions to the contrary, they too have been shut down, dissolved – foreclosed. NOW is the time for the BC OPPT volunteer warriors to step and get the word out… but how?

During a recent trip out I noticed several obnoxious election signs and I thought to myself, ‘not again‘! I absolutely cannot stand the onslaught of political garbage lining our streets, then I was immediately thankful to not be a TV watcher anymore. The constant commercials and mudslinging that goes on can turn ones stomach. These people are supposed to have integrity and yet they make a point of attacking their fellow candidates! If the government actually meant something to the people and represented us then maybe it would be worth it. ‘If’ our vote actually accounted for our wishes and if the candidates actually kept their word! If this ‘change’ they all talk about is NOT meant for the betterment of the people, they are ONLY interested in aiding the corporations!

Then my mind began wondering… What are some ways that we can get the message of their foreclosure out to these ‘politicians’ who are running for election? How can we get them to acknowledge that they have been foreclosed. How can we tell them that WE, the People want and need an organic government? What are some of the ways we can get the message out to the people of British Columbia? Will they listen, and if so, then what? Will this change the course of the election? How can the OPPT movement benefit all of us at this most important time?

My first thought was to make stencils that say ‘FORECLOSED by the OPPT’ and spray paint it over the massive signs at the side of the road. I’m pretty handy with bristol board and have made many professional style handmade signs and decorative stencils over the years, spray paint is not that expensive it would not be hard to go ahead and start doing it. Then I wondered though, are these considered ‘private property’ and could I be (fake) ‘charged’ with destruction of property?’ I do not know the answer to that but I considered this action and have not yet vetoed it from my arsenal. Now I am thinking, what if we made our own signs (with the OPPT-In site) and tacked or stapled them to the current signs or placed near them so the People of the province could see them too! What if we made signs just as big and put them in our front yard just as supports of the parties do?

What if OPPTers banded together, made signs and attended the rallies and handed out leaflets to the attendees. What if we outright challenged the (illusion of) ‘power and authority’ of these people running for office, at their own rallies? What about through direct questioning, perhaps even ‘interrupting’ their speeches? I am certain it would get the attention of the voters who are attending the rallies to start asking questions… isn’t that is what we want, free-thinkers, not brainwashed ‘voters’! What if we created our own flyers and went through our neighbourhoods and put them in peoples mailboxes and handed them out at various community events.

Thus far the media, as far as I know, has completely ignored the fact that the OPPT has shut down ‘the corporation’. It is no surprise being they are run by ‘the corporation’. How can we get their attention during this critical time? Hold our own rallies and call the media? What about smaller community or ethnic radio stations, community newspapers and community flyers.  Do we have anyone who can afford to take out an ad in one of our Provincial papers or could we start a fund to raise money amongst us to take out multiple ads across the board? What can we do individually but together, first?

Should WE, volunteer warrior hearted OPPTers start a committee of ‘fast action’ to start brainstorming ways that we can get this important message out before the election. What is it that we want to say to these candidates? How do we get it across to them at this most crucial of times? WE, in BC have the opportunity to bring massive awareness of this foreclosure at this time.

We want a government of the people, for the people and by the people! It is time to let them know that we are awake, we know what has been going on all this time and that ‘the jig is up’. Let’s let them know that we are no longer their ‘herd’, they are no longer our ‘shepard’. We forgive them and now is time to make this ‘change‘ and let’s make it so it benefits everyone!

We need to DEMAND a contract government, where ‘their platforms are their contract’ and if they do not fulfill their campaign promises then their ‘party’ is fined or other sorts of disciplinary measures. These politicians have been destroying our communities, cities, province and our lives for long enough! How many of us have the ‘warrior heart’ to step up and take action? Who can do what? Who wants to do what? Are we passionate enough to BE ‘the change’ and take action and start DOing?


We want to remember to remain respectful, loving and compassionate at all times, keeping in mind these are also human beings and we are all One. All these political candidates are people too and therefore all part of the Sacred Heart. Let’s show them that we have ‘personal power’ and it comes from the integrity of our heart, not through making the ‘other’ person look bad.

Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments or email us. Let’s BE ‘people in action for our future

“BE what you DO!” With all love, respect and compassion, thank you!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

Written by Michelle Raadschelders

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4 Responses to BC Election May 14, 2013 – What Are WE Going To DO?

  1. kew williams says:

    the liberals have doubled our deficete and now are all for fracking too see how bad this is watch nature of things story on this and get the facts also over the last 30 years Canada,s gold supply multiple tons of gold has all been sold by the libirals and conservativesdo we really want to give theese people power again

    • Thank you Kew for your information and letting us know about the Nature of Things program related to fracking! It is a terrible assault on Mother Earth which also affects us, and believe me when I tell you – you are not the only one who is feeling this way!

      The ENTIRE problem with the governments is not any particular party, they are in reality all the SAME party. They are preselected for power ‘over us’ and then we are given the ‘illusion’ of a ‘vote’ which actually means nothing! We have the ‘right’ to vote – r-i-g-h-t!! NO! We have the right to NOT vote, is more like it! Not choosing any of them if far more powerful than choosing ‘one’.

      They are all part of the Corporation and as such, ALL parties work for the corporation. Not the Provincial nor the Federal Governments are here to represent ‘WE, The People’, they are there to make money for the shareholders ONLY! Being corporations they DO NOT work for the people and this is clear by all the money they take ILLEGALLY through taxes, the BLACKMAILING they DO, and all the budget CUTS to finances meant to care for the citizens of this country.

      Ideally, we want the entire government system to fail! We want a government for the people and by the people – an organic government, NOT a corporation. We need a government that is under contract with the people and if they do not fulfill their platform promises then they face charges! We are all tired of the way things have been run and the OPPT (now dissolved) has been there to bring all of humanity back to equality through the dissolution of ALL corporations and eliminating all corporate debt.

      Namaste! -michelle

  2. Dan says:

    Great article Michelle! I do know that tampering with election signs is illegal within their system, not necessarily unlawful with regard to Common Law. Placing the OPPT signs with the OPPT-IN website would at least become an awareness campaign. Even if you can get a few people to attend each campaign rally and speak up about it, will increase awareness. Just be sure to have your resource references with you to back your claims.

    Each candidate needs to know that once elected, they become an employee of the corporation and their first obligation will be to the corporate entity and not those who elected them. This defeats the whole Bill of rights of We the People For the People By the People.

    I am from Ontario and the owner for OPPT in Ontario on facebook attempting to spread the word here in Ontario. You have some credible ideas, it is a matter now of influencing enough people to take a stand for their freedom.

    The first order of business is to stop the continuation of corrupt government and then figure what is best for the people. Many will command a solution before they stop the infection, and it needs to be the other way around.


    • Thank you Dan, Your support is most welcome and appreciated, very much so!

      I completely agree with everything you have said here. I have been active in letting people know that the governments do not represent the people and that they work for the corporation and are the corporation. Most OPPTers know this already however it’s like you said, it is a matter of bringing awareness to those who do not yet know of this movement and having the documentation of proof of our claims.

      I wish you the best and will certainly check out your page and support you! Thank you so much!!!

      Namaste 🙂 -michelle

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