Provincial Government MLA List: Flash Mobbing Cease & Desist Orders and Courtesy Notice Contacts

The One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on all corporations the world over, this we know. This includes our Provincial Government although they are still ‘acting’ as though they are the government. These fellow humans are the ‘powers that were’ still masquerading as the ‘powers that be’, let’s let them in on the not so secret, secret….  we know they are finished.

WE outnumber them. Despite that we have never had an organic government in Canada does not mean we cannot have one, starting now. This is Our Province, Our Country, Our World and together we can make them sit up and take notice and let them know we are not going to take this anymore!

This is a list of links for the former Provincial Government MLA’s to send Cease & Desist Orders an Courtesy Notices to. Please support the OPPT, Yourself and Others by sending information about their forelclosure to these government bodies. We know, they know they are shut down. WE, the People hold the power in this country, it does not belong to them – they would like to believe they do and then give US the illusion that we have some sort say in what they do with our vote. We never had any say and our vote really means nothing to this government but now we have the power of the Eternal Heart on our side so let’s make OUR voice heard. Let’s let them know the jig is up, we are on to them and let’s put them on notice.

Have a wonderful time and be compassionate while communicating with these former members of government who share our Sacred Heart, please remember to treat them like the love BEings they are. We are all human, We are all One!

To find the FORECLOSED Member of the Legislative Assembly for your area, follow the links below to find the names, addresses, email and phone/fax numbers. It really doesn’t matter if we send them to the (former) MLAs in our area, Flash Mobbing them will work much better. In any case, here is the contact information. Next will be Ministers… watch for the links!

To find your (former) MLA by Community:

To find your (former) MLA by Constituency:

Executive Counsel:


Supporting the One People’s Public Trust is helping everyone!
One People’s Public Trust Vancouver, BC Canada

I just has a serious deja vu while reviewing this for posting, this speaks volumes to me about what we are doing here! Blessings to you ALL! Namaste -michelle.

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2 Responses to Provincial Government MLA List: Flash Mobbing Cease & Desist Orders and Courtesy Notice Contacts

  1. Steve Sager says:

    Thanks for this great list. I will be working on it soon.

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