OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the blog – OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits

At this moment we live in a world where the healthy get sick and sick get sicker, there is no real health care. We are fed poison in our food and water, through chem-trails and pollution from multinational corporations. We are made sick from ‘beauty’ products like lotions and creams from emissions from cell phones, TV’s and mircowaves as well as all the synthetic materials we consume today. We will no longer have biological warfare waged on us by corrupt pharmaceutical companies and governments who care not about people but profits. Vaccines for obsolete diseases, flus and pneumonias that put mercury and thermisol in our body, weapons like AIDS and drugs that have numerous side effects including death will cease to exist with the fall of the pharmaceuticals corporations.

WE, the People will start new medical systems where there is no profiting off the most vulnerable in society. Everyone will have free access to the treatment and care they require with all love and all compassion. Nobody will go without and they will be treated with dignity and respect from true caregivers who are not over-worked and burnt-out from outrageous hours and horrible working conditions. Access to other healers of the world, the Eastern healers, the Native and Indigenous Medicine men and women who all rely on nature for the healing methods they have used throughout the centuries. Integrated health care that focuses on Divining our Spirit will kick start our natural immune system. We will automatically become stronger but if illness or injury do happen the whole BEing will be treated, body-mind-spirit-emotion, not just the symptom. When we BEcome our essence – love – and live from our hearts rather than our minds, we will eliminate all dis-ease, illness and even injury.

When people realize that the Divine Feminine (Earth) is a reflection of us and we are a reflection of Her we will come together in masses to begin to devise new safe, balanced eco-friendly methods clean up Her up and restore Her to Her most natural state, no matter what or how long it takes. When we are free to remember who we truly are – nature – we will treat our Sacred Mother Earth with the love and respect She deserves. Only taking what we need and leaving the rest to regrow and flourish will ensure harmony is maintained. The soil will be returned to health as we will no longer use pesticides and other chemicals, instead we will use natures bounty to compost and fertilize. Our bodies will purify themselves and ward off dis-ease and illness because we will treat it as a whole and ensure it will be fed only what is it supposed to be fed.  People will be able to begin growing their vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes and no longer consume pesticide, fertilizer and antibiotic laden produce, fake organics and genetically modified fresh foods. Pollution will cease to exist in all forms.

The meat industry which currently commits mass genocide everyday and forces our planets animals to live in deplorable conditions will be reduced to almost nothing. We will be free of meat laden with growth hormones that make our children develop too early, antibiotics that create resistance to man made super-bugs and inhumane treatment of mass farmed animals. With proper education about what the human body really needs to survive we will wake up further to the knowledge that we have been lied to by the meat and dairy industry, as well as the government bodies and regulators who have happily allowed themselves to be corrupted by money. With humans no longer consuming ‘food’ from fast-food corporations we will begin to save our rainforests and they will not be mowed down in records amounts to make room for cattle ranchers. Farmers will share with their communities and the communities will share with the farmers and the planet will flourish in an abundance of fresh food, there will be enough for everyONE at all times, hunger will become a thing of the past.

Our environmentally sensitive water supply from the rainforests, mountains, grasslands and aquifers will no longer be raped for it’s gold and other precious metals. Our mountains will no longer be torn down and turned into giant pits by ruthless mining corporations who’s only motivation is consumption fueled by greed. The toxic waste used to extract the metals from the ground and the mercury used to extract the gold from the ore will not be secretly dumped on the land or into our rivers, streams and lakes. The Spirit of nature will again burst, the flora and fauna will grow back providing the natural habitats for animals and birds, faeries and divas, insects and other creatures and in turn we too will be healed through healing our planet. Upon reconnecting with our Mother we will BEcome faithful, loving and respectful Children once again, we will BE returning to our essence and nature.

Part 3 – coming soon…

With loving gratitude for the knowledge that we are all ONE!
One People’s Public Trust – Vancouver, BC Canada

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2 Responses to OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 2

  1. Kim Beckett says:

    Great work Michelle. Can’t wait to meet you.

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