OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 1

The OPPT foreclosing all corporations worldwide reaches much farther than just what we see on the surface financially. Foreclosing all corporations is allowing humanity to start again from zero. It’s like a giant reset button has been pushed that erased all debt for all humans the world over and it has created a new paradigm where debt cannot be created again. The more people learn about the OPPT to take back their power and start with a financially clean slate means more than just ‘no more debt’ and financial freedom.

Those who are starting the process now are going to make it easier for those who learn of the OPPT later to stand in their freedom. As word spreads and ‘WE the People’ put pressure on the now foreclosed corporations they will be forced to physically close their doors and have their assets seized. This means humanity is going to benefit in so many ways as the playing field levels and we begin shifting to a place where everyone is truly equal regardless of race or gender. When we are free of financial burdens we are happier and free to explore the things that increase that happiness. Our time is freed up to spend with loved ones, to gain new knowledge and experiences without boundaries.

We have been lead to believe by the ‘powers that were’ that we live on a planet with limited resources. We have lived in fear that we will lack what we need. We’ve lived in negativity and been bound with man made borders and laws. Our Sacred Mother Earth has been poisoned, polluted and pillaged as the natural resources have been mined out of the land and waters without any care given to the process or environmental factors. Indigenous and Native people have been robbed of their culture, displaced for mere pennies and had their land stolen outright while all treaties have been broken.

Most people do not even know that we were slaves, that we were oppressed or that the truth of our Divinity has been kept from us. The ‘institutions’ of today are all oppressive by design. Schools, governments, policing agencies, medical systems, etc. are all created with the mindset to keep people in their place. Up until now it has worked for the corporations but they did not count on the wave of consciousness sweeping the planet, they cannot stop nature from taking its course. This movement has resonated in the Eternal Heart and only good and great change can come from people recognizing and remembering their internal spark.

The ‘starters’ of this movement will be happy for the ‘finishers’ without gloating or guilt tripping them saying, ‘This is what WE did for you‘. Our parents and elders did this to us because they always had to sacrifice in the name of ‘money’. Children had to go to school and study what their parents wanted them to because the parents worked hard for the money that paid for said school. Children had to walk a path chosen for them not by them and that became a cycle of oppression right from the get go within our families. We will now be free to let our children BE children rather than having them become drugged-up, numbed-down, dumbed-down regurgitators who are taught only to conform.

WE, the People will create new governments that are responsible and accountable to the people and our police agencies will no longer be forces but officers of the peace, peace keepers. The very laws, courts and penal systems in place to ‘protect’ us from each other are designed to fail and creates a terrible place fear of oppression. All people BEing equal we will watch man made laws fail as we return to Common Law and Universal Law. We will take back our own personal power and return to self governing sovereign BEings of Earth. We will see society change to a more peaceful society where we respect one another and Do No Harm.

Part 2 – coming soon

Thank you blessed loved Ones of the Eternal Heart
One People’s Public Trust – Vancouver, BC Canada

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2 Responses to OPPT Beyond The Financial Benefits – Part 1

  1. Kim Beckett says:

    Wow, Michelle we are so much on the same page. I am glad we live so close. We must get together soon.

    • Thanks Kim, I’m so grateful to hear that we feel the same! I’m so happy to help, sincerely!! I would love to get together. I am free Monday to Friday to meet, my weekends are somewhat free every other weekend. Give me a ring and we can make a time to meet, I would really love that! -michelle

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