Let’s Start Planning Our CVAC


Well I have heard the call to have a meeting or some kind of get together. Maybe over Skype, or at a physical location.  WHo is up to it?  I am in Maple Ridge, I will meet anywhere in the lower mainland.  Ideas?  Add your suggestions in the comments.  I would also like to ask for help with looking after the website.  Anyone interested?  I would hope to find someone who enjoys writing/blogging and is good at techie stuff.  But if you don’t like to write and you are awesome with web page stuff and want to help please get in touch.

Every day I see great videos, wonderful pictures and inspiring words.  It is really great to be alive in this time of fantastic change.

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17 Responses to Let’s Start Planning Our CVAC

  1. Iam (diane) says:

    I put word out via OPPT British Columbia, Canada (facebook group), to get a feel for how many are in our area. I am in Chilliwack and we have people on the page from Salmon Arm to Vancouver. I recommend as central location for those wishing to get together – so, first we will determine from wherre attendees are from and go from there.

    • Diane, I suggest we use your FB group as a hub to go there first for info on get togehters, we can then message each other privately to share email, phone, etc. I would like to maybe do a conference call or Skype on Saturday Feb 23 , although I have never talked with multiple people on Skype. Can we organize this on the FB group?

      • Iam (diane) says:

        Hi there – tonights show was fantastic, leaving me only more empowered that that previous. Sounds like the CVAC’s are getting close. I feel very strong about voluteering for this job – 3 month periods. Comment from the show tonight, we really have to make sure we get our asses in gear here. So, I for one, imagine the future with wonderful schools teaching empowering truth and creativity, and the books will tell about the people who came before them, working together for the freedom they are experiencing.

      • Hi Diane, yes the show was very inspiring. I got really excited when hearing about the CVACs. I also feel drawn to working in a CVAC, the excitment of beginning such a wonderful project. Wow what a time to be alive. I am imagining the energy coming together for all this. I feel it. Would everyone be up for a meeting around 3pm PST tomorrow on Skype?
        Maple Ridge,BC

    • Hi Diane: Oh my goodness, was so happy to see you also are from Chilliwack, have felt very isolated –so this is good news. Would love to meet up with you all.

  2. Iam (diane) says:

    Janice – we should plan soon to meet. Do you know any others in the area? In the OPPT BC page there are some in Vancouver and Maple Ridge – I’d really like the ‘big’ group to come together if possible.

  3. Iam (diane) says:

    ps. Janice, you are def not alone! 😀

  4. LOVElight says:

    hello, nice work and will be in touch, just one thing about the site,,should it not read.. info on UCC, COMMON law, not canon law…etc..just a heads up about the typo…awesome, much love chris

    • Chris, I know it doesn’t look like it yet, but that is actually a link. It goes to a page I am working on about the history of these laws. It is just for information and it is Canon Law, that is what is on that page, a link to a Canon Law book. UCC is the bible for all business it was derived from the roman or vatican canon law.
      But you’re right it shouldn’t be there at the top where it looks like a description of the page. Thanks for pointing that out. I will take it out, but if you’re interested I will leave the link at the bottom for now.

      • Steve Sager says:

        Great on researching the ucc code. I am trying to put up information here in Northern B.C. but am getting trashed upon by people on the blog. Would be good to have some concrete history on UCC filings.



  6. John says:

    Happy to be here from Chilliwack. Looking forward to more folks getting the message and expanding the discussion. I am happy to connect with anyone in the area. I have limited internet right now as I have to go to town for it. My satellite connection at home is down for the foreseeable future. How about a meetup for the ‘Whack at the Landing Leisure Center for cheap admission on sunday evenings. I will be there this sunday (17th)… Hope I hear some OPPT discussions there.

    • sorry John I couldn’t get into the website till now. There is a FB group that is planning meetings and Skype calls. It’s called OPPT British Columbia, Canada. There is also OPPT Canada FB group too that has some great people on there.

      • John says:

        No worries… Just feeling a bit out of the loop lately, not having net access at home. I will be dropping by from time to time to see if anyone has organized some meetups here. My vote is for the pool on Sunday evenings…. Boil our butts and discuss freedom… Doesn’t get much better than that… LOL.

  7. Jacob Z says:

    Has anyone been able to meet? Do we all think that’s the first step? How many of us are there in BC? I’m in the okanagan (will be), let’s create!

  8. John says:

    I guess someone didn’t like my suggestion for a Sunday meetup at the pool in Chilliwack… Oh well.. Something else will turn up. Looking forward to getting involved with a group out here.

  9. I am ready, willing and able to help out in whatever way I can. I am from Surrey (Newton) and I wish to lend my support to this movement. I have been putting the word out about the OPPT on my Facebook page (Michelle Brown Raadschelders) and Google+ (Michelle Raadschelders) for almost 3 weeks now. I do not work outside the home so I have lots of time to dedicate to helping with whatever needs doing!

    When I found out about this movement I cried, I felt a HUGE wave of relief come over me like never before. It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my chest and I could breathe for the first time in my life! I read some of the documents to one of my daughters that night and when she went to bed I hugged her and told her that I was SO HAPPY for her because she was going to have a future that was free from opression.

    As a single parent on Disability through the Provincial Govt I am unsure of how I can use this information for myself being that govt income(s) are my only source of income. I could really use some help in that territory so as to know how to proceed and what to do if they decide to stop paying. I am not the only one in this boat either, everyone who lives on the ridiculously low ‘benefits’, which are below poverty line, would likely be afraid to take any action. I personally am not afraid thanks to a massive spiritual awakening recently that has allowed me to release all my fears and live a heart centered life. I do know that others in similar situations to mine likely will be though.

    PLEASE PLEASE let me know what I can do! I have a blog here on wordpress: ourlivesinharmony and was just thinking earlier that I would like to start another blog that highlights all of this information about the OPPT and UCC filings as well as information about the CVAC’s. I want to also include information from the ITCCS and the work they are doing to bring justice to the masses. I feel these two bodies alone are going to explode the truth into the public very soon and I want to be part of it. I do not want to proceed at this time however until I hear back from you.

    My brothers and I recently found out my mother was a pure-blood Mowhawk and I believe she was in a residential school in Ontario or here in BC and so I want to help both you and the ITCCS so that my mothers vehement denial of her/our heritage – which robbed us of ours was not in vain. I want justice for my grandparents, who surely suffered too.

    Michelle (Brown) Raadschelders
    (I will provide my cell in an email)

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