A New Day is Here

pureloveopptWe, the People, had demanded, we had protested, complained, and screamed. Injustices were rampant, rule-breaking, fraud, and lies at top levels of Gov’t more and more commonplace. The reason none of this ever worked for us is because the system as a whole was not what we thought it was. After decades of numerous unbiased investigations by many individuals, groups and movements we came to the conclusion collectively that the system that was running the world was not fixable. It was time to begin fresh. And so we did.

We, the People have started this new system. Many don’t know it yet. It is a system with new hope. We are build it from scratch with everyone’s input. We have changed as a people. I’m sure you have noticed. Many call it awake. It just means more aware of the whole picture. More connected to the people around us. More willing to allow the differences that use to enrage us. Less willing to just go along because we are told to.
Here is our opportunity to build our new world. What’s your vision of this new world? More time to enjoy life, raising your family, no financial stress, your own home, unrestricted time to develop a talent or interest? This is all ours to have now. Yes, I said now, because it is done. We are at that point of Doing it, not asking, demanding, or waiting for it. Can you believe it? You can sit back and watch for a while if you’d like, I know it is a little overwhelming at first to get your mind around. That’s OK. You won’t lose anything by not getting involved at the beginning except the unbelievable excitement of this huge project ahead of us.

I for one want to get my hands right in there and start creating, and organizing with everyone willing to play with us. And I say play because I see it as a most enjoyable adventure, and I can’t wait any longer to begin. If you feel the same way please introduce yourself and let us know by making a comment below. We have wasted enough time dreaming this up.

BEing Love,

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6 Responses to A New Day is Here

  1. morris amos says:

    this sounds interesting.

  2. Jeff says:

    Well done, Kim. WE the people are the ones we’ve been waiting for …. it is time to BE and DO … NOW

  3. kelvin says:

    Hi Kim, incredible news hard to get your head around. Has anyone with a mortgage or any bank loan used this material as a remedy? I would be interested in talking with them. Thanks for getting this site up. Kelvin

    • Hi Kelvin,
      What area are you from? I agree it is very good news. And even better that so many are ready and able to start working towards this new world. We are the DOers, not the complainers.

      • Jeff says:

        Hi Kevin; Peace and love, my earth brother :-). I just downloaded the OPPT docs from Kauilapele’s site. I have a line of credit with the Royal Bank that I have been paying interest on for what seems like forever! I plan to fserve them a courtesy notice and will surely let you know how it goes. Honestly, it’s a bit scary .. still trying to let go of the old way of doing business, but I know in my heart that it is time to BE and DO. Pretty exciting, eh?!

  4. Kelvin says:

    Thanks for the replies and the support. I am from Kelowna and I am getting the nerve up to send the courtesy letters off to GST dept., canadian tire mastercard, and my wholesaler debt that I have. It is a bit scary as I don’t feel like I have support from “someone at the top” but I guess I will find out what will happen. God doesn’t like a coward! I don’t have trouble being and doing, I know i want to be involved in free energy and water, as well as clothing, from the ground up. What we need is resources so we can stop window shopping and get on with it. When the CVAC situation is ironed out, and working and useful to us, I guess thats when the rubber hits the road.

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