One People’s Public Trust – Vancouver


The purpose of this website is to have a place to gather information of the One People’s Public Trust, and to initiate the plans for new Governments. 

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10 Responses to One People’s Public Trust – Vancouver

  1. Steve says:

    Great to have something in the province of B.C. along with the one from the okanogan.

  2. Sine Metu says:

    Radio Free OPPT – Raw Stream <— stream
    Radio Free OPPT – WinAmp Link <— playlist
    Free Radio Software <— Get WinAmp free
    Audio Intro to General TOPPT
    Freedom Reigns Show 2013/2/11
    Send your ad to Radio Free OPPT <– Click to send me YOUR AUDIO AD for OPPT

    All free of course. = New Paradigm

    Feel free to forward this message to anyone that cares. 🙂


  3. Heather Devine says:

    I want in! But where to start?

    • Heather why don’t you start a local group near you? I have been trying to reach those guys that started the Valhalla project it’s near Montreal somewhere. They are into freedom, and living off the grid, I think they would be very keen on this. I think the most important part is to mentally prepare for this, and they talk about this a lot in the paperwork, we need to be coming from a place of knowing you are worthy, knowing that these people are not authorities over us, they have just taken that role, and we have given it to them. I find myself going back and forth, sometimes totally understanding this, and other times fear creeps in. I am very ready for this change though, I have always felt this way about the world. I have waited my whole life for this.

  4. Purple Goddess says:

    I am happy to see that an OPPT group coming together in Vancouver, I am also looking for contacts that are interested in Creditors in Commerce. I have felt so isolated.

  5. andrea says:

    How do I get info about OPPT from this site? (Am I missing something? I can’t find any information here)

  6. Has any one filed yet ??? I here that we need to record our filings so they are recognized as valid !!!! Look up Winston Shrout for info on this ?????????????????? REAL

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